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Longkou Shengping Auto Parts Co., located in the government station of Beima Town,Longkou City.It is close to Shugang Expressway in the west and Provincial Highway 302 in the north.The transportation is very convenient.
was established in March 2005,is a professional manufacturer of investment precision casting and shell casting,mainly engaged in the casting and processing of various types of low-carbon alloy steel and ordinary carbon steel.Products are mainly used in engineering machinery equipment,transportation equipment accessories,etc.Products are mainly sold to Canada,the United States,Germany,Japan and other countries through foreign trade companies.
The company has a set of 750 kg medium frequency induction furnace and a set of 250 kg,350 kg double body medium frequency induction furnace,six shell making equipment,and has a complete production management system,complete quality testing equipment,mature production technology And experienced professional and technical personnel,annual production capacity of more than 4,000 tons.
The company passed the IS9001 quality system certification in 2008,and passed the environmental impact assessment transformation in 2017,and completed the filing at the Longkou City Environmental Protection Bureau.Record number[2017]No.218.
Our company adheres to the principle of"quality first,customer first,cooperation and win-win",and provides high-quality qualified products to our customers at home and abroad.
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Address: West Village, Beima Town, Longkou City, Yantai City, Shandong Province
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